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How to find hotels when you are a single woman traveller

If you are a single woman traveller, one of your biggest concerns will be your residence. You will have to spend more time than usual looking for the right kind of hotels, depending on the places you are visiting. If you are visiting countries that are known to be unsafe for women, you would have to figure out which areas would be safer for you. Areas closer to the city centre, and areas that have a larger concentration of foreign travellers would be the best bet for you in such countries.

Female Traveler

If you are travelling to countries that are considered safe for women, it would still be wise for you to do your homework and find out more about the locality that you are staying in. Off late, Couchsurfing and Air BNB has become an option for many people who want to stay in places for free, or people who want to live in houses instead of hotels. If you have opted for this residence, you should talk to the person letting you into their home and see if you do get along with them. You should check for reviews written by other people about this person, to see if there is anything suspicious about them too.

These are movements that will let you figure out the ideal place to stay.