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Planning ahead to Save while travelling

Save while travelling

I love travelling to different places but it takes a heavy toll on my bank balance. last year I researched and found out ways to save while travelling and now I can travel five places with the money I earlier used to spend at one place. Here are a few tricks to save money while travelling.

  • Airline Tickets – Plan 90 days ahead and you can get really economic tickets for flight. Getting a round trip ticket is a good option.
  • Light Luggage – Keeping luggage light will help you to save on luggage costs while travelling and also you would not require help.
  • Carry old clothes – If you plan to buy new clothes while travelling just carry the real old ones. You can substitute them and the luggage remains light.
  • Eat more lunch and less dinner – Lunches cost less than dinner(This is my research). Just keep dinner light and you can save a lot.
  • Rent small cars – Always rent small cars. You would not believe the difference in savings. Just try it on your next trip.
  • Exchange at Government exchanges – Currency exchanges can be really expensive with private dealers. Spend some time to go to a government exchange center and exchange. You will save a good amount.
  • Travel in off-season – In tourist season everything is really expensive. IT does not make a difference if you travel in off-season. You will save on hotels, travel and much more.