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Camping Versus Hotel Accomodation

Travelling is a very wonderful experience. However, sometime you are met with choices that need careful consideration.  Like, should you choose camping as opposed to hotel accommodation?

Which of the two is cheap?

choosing  camping instead of hotel accommodationMost travelers will prefer hotel accommodation as oppose to camping. This is because in many travel destinations, camping facilities are not aggressively marketed.  The prices in many camping facilities are often cheaper. However, these camps are meant to give you an experience that you will never have when staying in a hotel. You may not have a TV or a Wifi connection, but you get a comfortable bed, nice prepared food, security and a chance to spend a night under the beautiful stars in a secure tent.

Some tour operators recommend camping to their clients because of its cheap prices, uniqueness and a chance to do more.  The average cheap hotel price is $80-100 per night. The average camping price is $5-10 per night. Camping will save you up to 50% of accommodation budget compared to hotel accommodation.

Most people spend more on accommodation as compared to other activities. Their entire travelling budget revolves around getting a cheap hotel. They will deny themselves some important experiences just to save money for their accommodation.

What if they opt for camping?

They will save enough money to be able to enjoy other experiences. If you cannot enjoy your holiday, then you are the same as that person who never travelled. The best way to enjoy if you are on a budget is to cut cost as much as you can. One of the ways is by choosing  camping instead of hotel accommodation.