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Planning ahead to Save while travelling

Save while travelling

I love travelling to different places but it takes a heavy toll on my bank balance. last year I researched and found out ways to save while travelling and now I can travel five places with the money I earlier used to spend at one place. Here are a few tricks to save money while travelling.

  • Airline Tickets – Plan 90 days ahead and you can get really economic tickets for flight. Getting a round trip ticket is a good option.
  • Light Luggage – Keeping luggage light will help you to save on luggage costs while travelling and also you would not require help.
  • Carry old clothes – If you plan to buy new clothes while travelling just carry the real old ones. You can substitute them and the luggage remains light.
  • Eat more lunch and less dinner – Lunches cost less than dinner(This is my research). Just keep dinner light and you can save a lot.
  • Rent small cars – Always rent small cars. You would not believe the difference in savings. Just try it on your next trip.
  • Exchange at Government exchanges¬†– Currency exchanges can be really expensive with private dealers. Spend some time to go to a government exchange center and exchange. You will save a good amount.
  • Travel in off-season – In tourist season everything is really expensive. IT does not make a difference if you travel in off-season. You will save on hotels, travel and much more.

The War Against Costly Travel

There was a time when we also used to believe that travelling required a huge salary and lots of money stashed away. Thank goodness we came to our senses because with adventure on our minds, we’ve managed to turn our adventures into a reality and on a shoestring budget too.

Ok, granted you won’t be staying in luxury hotels, but if you’re prepared to live modestly, the world is your oyster.


I remember when we started this idea of cheap travel – we opted for seeing something of our own country first, just to get the hang of things. Travel can be cheap – you just have to do research. For instance airfare and everything else is far more expensive between December and Feb so time your budget travel carefully.

Australia is gigantic so we concentrated on just seeing one region for starters. We bought a discount card –iVenture – which allowed us free entry to lots of attractions. We were busy exploring Brisbane in Queensland at the time and I remember seeing a good part of the city on a river cruise.

I remember the¬† fun of hopping aboard the CityHopper which allows you to explore Brisbane free of charge with ferries running every 30 minutes from morning till late night. This is just a small example of finding ways to explore the world on a budget, but you’ll have to keep checking back here for super ideas to start getting around a bit and making your life far more exciting.