Packing light

Over the years we’ve really come to learn that packing light is not only better for your budget but also better for your mental health! How can packing light help your budget? Well, it means you can take all your baggage in the cabin, which saves budget airline fees, but it also means you can take local transport like motorbikes, tuktuks and minibuses or even walk to your accommodation without shelling out for private transfers or taxis. Plus do you really want to be lugging around a huge suitacase/backpack in sweltering tropical heat or wading through snow in arctic temperatures? Believe us, we know from experience, having made some ridiculous mistakes ourselves early on…Sarah was particularly guilty of this, in the early days it took a good few trips for the message to sink in that you really don’t need a hair straightener and five pairs of shoes!

Packing light is important for budget travel

So if haircare and footwear is off packing list, what should be on it? It really depends on where you’re travelling to and what kind of trip you’re packing for (business, weekend, round the world, trekking, etc), and it will take a little more planning if going to both hot and cold places in a single trip. There are lots of sites to help you with packing advice so do a Google search for your specific type of trip to start with and heed the advice of travel experts. Certain things always hold true: pack the minimum when it comes to toiletries, the world’s a small place and you can probably buy whatever you need at your destination, roll clothes instead of folding, it saves on space and you’ll get less creases, fill whatever space is available so stuff socks and other items into those hiking boots,and invest in airless bags to save space. Happy packing!


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