Booking flights

Booking your flight abroad is the one of the most important things you can do to set the tone for the rest of your trip, however long it may be. Firstly, you should try to get an overview of the flights available to your destination by looking at websites like Skyscanner, which compares the flight prices and times of different airlines allowing you to find the best deal that suits you. There are lots of similar sites like Travelocity, Kayak and Opodo but we prefer Skyscanner as we find it the most comprehensive flight search engine, often undercutting competitors. However, beware of budget airlines, they may give the cheapest prices but often they have a ton of expensive add-ons like baggage and check-in fees. Be sure to read the small print/conditions! Also, booking flights at the last minute is a VERY risky business, even with budget airlines.

Use a search engine such as Skyscanner to find cheap flights

These days the big name national carriers often have their own promotional discounts for off-peak times like winter and weekdays. It’s worth checking the airlines website directly or getting on their mailing list for future offers. We have been on some really cheap return trips while based in European cities, in fact, it works out way cheaper than budget airlines when you consider the flights generally provide drinks and meals and operate at much more conveniently located airports. In Europe, airport transfers can be more expensive than flights, so research this aspect before you book that budget flight into the sticks! There is also a science to finding the best price, it seems that booking 54 days before results in the cheapest domestic flights.


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